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The Maker

Ateljee Ahonen is a ceramic studio and a mindscape of Jenni Ahonen


Jenni Ahonen is a Finnish designer and artist based in Lahti, Finland. Working mainly with clay she creates sculptural ceramics and functional objects. Her practise is driven by ceramic process and material study. In form making stage she always leaves room for intuitive approach. For her it's important to stay playful – it's a state of mind where new ideas starts to grow.



All Ateljee Ahonen ceramics are made in small batches using high-quality stoneware clays. Jenni Ahonen designes and handcrafts all the ceramic works by herself.


Ahonen loves experimenting with clay and by doing so she gets inspired by the process. She often mixes pigments or oxcides, and different clay bodies together to achieve interesting colours and textures in her work. For her it’s important to leave room for Intuitition and play. Ahonen's work process is not rushed due to forming the clay just with hands. At the moment she enjoys creating the work with coiling and pinching.


In Ateljee Ahonen's workshops we invite you to explore the wonderful world of ceramics with us. You're welcome to join in! The workshops are for beginners or already old friends of clay. 


It's also important for us to offer everyone a safe space to create and to feel welcome.

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